How to Set Up A75 Keyboard for Counter Strafinng in FPS Games

How to Set Up A75 Keyboard for Counter Strafinng in FPS Games

In FPS games, mastering the quick stop is crucial as it allows you to swiftly realign your crosshair and gain an advantage over opponents. A magnetic switch keyboard can significantly enhance your ability to perform this maneuver effectively.

One key advantage of a magnetic switch keyboard is its adjustable actuation distance, also known as an adjustable trigger sensitivity. This feature enables players to customize the key's trigger effect based on their preferences and needs. In fast-paced FPS games like <CS:GO>, <Apex>, <VALORANT>, and others, the ability to react instantly is highly valued. Since most weapons cannot be fired while in motion and aiming accuracy decreases significantly while moving (resulting in a spread crosshair), the emergency stop operation becomes essential for quickly realigning the crosshair.

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The key to executing a quick stop is to swiftly press the reverse movement button. We can utilize the following two settings to achieve an efficient emergency stop:

  • The first method involves assigning high sensitivity to the WASD keys (or Arrow keys), significantly reducing the triggering time for the reverse direction key. When a quick stop is needed, simply brush the reverse movement button lightly to promptly come to a halt.
  • The second approach is to enable the DualActionKey feature. Specifically, we can set the W key (forward movement) to the First Action sensitivity and the S key (backward movement) to the Second Action sensitivity. With this configuration, gently touch the W key to move forward. When you need to stop, press the W key harder and further to activate the value of the S key, resulting in the emergency stop.

These settings on the DrunkDeer A75 keyboard enable players to swiftly achieve the precise centering that experienced gamers have been practicing for. If you're an FPS gamer, investing in the DrunkDeer A75 keyboard can greatly assist you in mastering the snap-stop technique and enhancing your gaming performance.



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