The ‘NEVER MISS’ Function of DrunkDeer Keyboard

The ‘NEVER MISS’ Function of DrunkDeer Keyboard

Fastest Key-value Type-in Speed

To enter a value by pressing a key, a typical magnetic switch keyboard functions as follows:

First, hall-effect sensors check each keypress in sequence. Once a keypress is detected, the data is sent back to the MCU (Microcontroller Unit). The MCU then calculates to verify if the conditions for triggering a key-value are met. This process requires multiple hall-effect sensors to send data back to the MCU one-by-one, which relies on the MCU to perform the calculation and confirmation for each key press. Finally, the key-value is input into the PC. However, this process requires a significant amount of calculation effort and may be time-consuming. Typically, it takes about 1-3ms for a magnetic switch keyboard to complete the confirmation of all key-values and input them into the PC.

But for DrunkDeer, this process only takes 100 to 300μs.

How did DrunkDeer manage to achieve this feat? Well, they accomplished it by utilizing a self-invented hall-effect chip in combination with a specially designed Integrated Circuit (IC).

DrunkDeer’s keyboard differs from the round-robin approach that most keyboards employ. Each key on the keyboard contains a unique integrated electronic component that was developed in-house and comes equipped with a smart chip. These integrated electronic components have the capability to independently measure the changing magnetic flux that's triggered by each key press. Once the key values have been calculated by the MCU, they are then sent to the PC.

In contrast to the Hall sensors found in other keyboards that are used by multiple postmen who must communicate the receipt information multiple times before reporting back to the head office for uniform uploading, DrunkDeer keyboard’s smart Hall sensor functions as a Logistical Centre. This allows for key values to be instantly and individually sent to the MCU, and then immediately imported to your PC.

As previously stated, the A75 is one of the fastest keyboards available and its switches are the fastest available.


The ‘NEVER MISS’ Function –  Continuous Actuation

The ‘NEVER MISS’ Function is a function that allows a speedy and no-miss trigger. Additionally, allows customization of stroke during repetitive triggering.

Quickly and repeatedly triggering the same button is a very important function for gamers. Faster and more frequent triggers represent more possibilities and help gamers to reach greater limits.

DrunkDeer A75 Never Miss Fuction

During the game, when we repeatedly press the same key, the key needs to be reset before it can be triggered for the second time. In other words, the finger needs to be lifted to the corresponding reset point (trigger point) and pressed again to trigger the key.

Instead of having a single trigger on a typical mechanical keyboard, the A75 has two. With the traditional mechanical keyboard, in the tense game environment, the finger is often pressed for the second time before reaching the reset point, which makes the key trigger failure and affects the game experience.

The NEVER MISS feature of DrunkDeer’s keyboard solves this problem well. In the 4.0mm key path, A75 can customize two trigger points (same key values). When the key is pressed, it will be triggered twice successively and output the corresponding key value. It almost completely eliminates the possibility of missed service.

In this process, the trigger point is set in advance, so the device does not require any extra calculation and time, so you can reduce the burden on your electronic devices. In addition, you will have absolute control over your keyboard triggers.

To ensure the proper functioning of the Never Miss feature, please set as following steps:
  1.  Enter the 'Keyboard' menu.
  2.  Click the "Default 2" and ensure it is selected.
  3.  Click "Save" to enable the 'Default 2' key value.(After enabling the default 2, the 'Secondary Sensitivity' function will be activated.)
  4.  Enter the 'Sensitivity' menu.
  5.  Tick and enable the 'Secondary Sensitivity' function.
Never Miss fuction setup one
Never Miss fuction setup two
By following these steps, you can complete the entire procedure for activating the Never Miss function.



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